Working with FE – what businesses say

8 December 2023

The WEIoT are currently producing an employers’ guide for the West of England, which will help businesses to engage with technical education providers. This will be ready for the new year but in the meantime, here are some inspiring quotes from businesses who already engage with their local FE institutions to source talent and upskill their workforce:

“Weston College have been a game changer in unlocking the true potential of our employees.” David Brown – Chief Executive Office, The Bristol Port Company. (Weston College)

“Not only are Industry Placements brilliant for learners, they’re a great opportunity for businesses to bring in and identify future talent.” Tilly Crowhurst – Social Value Coordinator, Hydrock (Weston College)

“We have had apprentices working on a variety of projects which have stemmed from their own ideas. They have also been able to identify efficiencies that can be made with our company.” Gemma Allen – Chief People Officer, NTC (Gloucestershire College)

“The facilities at the college are very impressive and they clearly provide an exceptional pathway into the construction industry. I hope the students enjoyed their visit and that it will not only help with their studies but will inspire them to work with us in the future.” Vanessa Kinglake – HR Manager, Halsall (Bath College)

“The benefit of having student is that employers not only get to see new talent, they get a fresh set of eyes into their business” Gayle Pogson – Head of Careers, Work Placements and Employability, Yeovil College (Yeovil College)

“Employers are also able to drive the curriculum forward, ensuring students are being taught cutting edge skills and techniques while enhancing their employability for the future”. Sean Shearing – Operations Manager, Digital Curriculum for Digital and Computing, Weston College (Weston College)

“Diversity is key to ensuring a progressive workplace and bringing in apprentices fosters a collaborative workplace between a range of workers from different backgrounds. At NTC, this has been extremely beneficial; the apprentices have brought great energy and plenty of new ideas to the business.” Gemma Allen – Chief People Office, NTC (Gloucestershire College)

“Jack [a 3rd year electrical apprentice] has added to the team since being with us. He is particularly good at dealing with customers and we have confidence and trust him to do a job well.” Jamie Dockerty – Planned Works Manager, Curo (Bath College)