GKN Aerospace Case Study


    GKN Aerospace has been a strong advocate of the West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT) since it was first considered and bid for in 2018. The WEIoT has been a real enabler for GKN Aerospace and other employers in the region to have a voice in the development of skills and technical education from early careers, through to the reskilling of their existing workforce to adapt to new skills and technologies, or for others joining aerospace from complimentary sectors.

    The biggest impact for GKN has been the development and creation of an IoT training space within the Global Technology Centre which GKN opened in October 2021. Supporting the IoT to deliver its commitment to technical education and training within Bristol, the GKN management team made 100 sq metres of floor space available for the IoT to create a 2-storey training space within the heart of their research and development capability. This immersion in real-life cutting-edge research and design, inspires the Apprentices that train in the space, seeing first-hand the new projects in development.

    GKN’s links with the WEIoT have enabled them to work with the IoT to create solutions to training needs – such as project management or data analytics support for their staff, along with the existing support they already provided to our Apprentices through Weston College (the lead College of the WEIoT). GKN believed the WEIoT enables them as a business to access DfE and Government policy and to shape the skills of the future.

    Sameer Savani, Vice President GTC-UK at GKN Aerospace commented:

    GKN Aerospace is proud to be partnering with West of England Institute of Technology by having them within our Global Technology Centre. With the whole Aerospace sector committed to Net Zero 2050, this is a hugely exciting time for our industry, full of opportunities for future talent in developing the next generation of advanced technologies such as composite materials, automated manufacturing, hydrogen propulsion and additive manufacturing.

    Having a learning space in our world-class centre, enabling Apprentices to see first-hand the exciting developments taking place in Aerospace, is a great demonstration of our two organisations’ shared ambitions and commitment to support the sector with its future skills needs. This partnership between the Institute of Technology, Weston College and GKN Aerospace, is exactly the kind of collaboration needed to attract, train and inspire the Aerospace engineering workforce of the future. We look forward to continued success together.