About Us

What is the WEIoT – what does it mean for my business?

The world of work is changing fast, driven by new and disruptive technologies. As job roles change and new ones are created, businesses in many sectors increasingly need individuals with higher technical skills to improve their productivity and growth. Over the coming years, these skills will become more important if British business is to seize on the opportunities of technological change.
Weston of England Institute of Technology IOT
Institutes of Technology (IoT) are the Government’s flagship programme designed to spearhead the delivery of higher technical education in STEM subjects. Here in the West of England we have brought together employers with FE colleges and the University of the West of England
We are designed to help you with the skills you need for your workforce. The WEIoT is part of the Government’s ambition of levelling up skills across the country; we oer an accessible route into high wage and high skilled employment.
WEIoT supports our local economies with a skilled workforce that can drive productivity, take advantage of key growth opportunities.

Our Aims

By 2024 we will deliver STEM-led education and training:

to over 2000 individuals

All learners will study at least a Level 4 qualification

>96% of learners will be in technical disciplines

>70% of learners will be apprentices
By 2024 WEIoT commits to engage under-represented groups in higher level learning, comprising:

50% Women

25% People with disabilities/SEND
20% BAME

40% Mature, part-time and shift-workers

40% Mature, part-time and shift-workers

Cutting-edge technology

Our vision >>

The WEIoT funding has created opportunities for the educational partners to invest in cutting edge technology to provide learners and employers with facilities to drive forward the developments needed to help build recovery.

The focus on technical skills and education offered by the collaborative approach brings wider benefits and the WEIoT will support learners who may not have thought that higher level skills training was for them using our digital connectivity to its full potential.

A fantastic example of this is partnership work with Jisc and Barco to build trailblazing ‘virtual classroom’ to support the WeIoT.

Weston College, the lead organisation for the West of England Institute of Technology (IoT), has launched a virtual classroom in a first for further education (FE) in the UK.
The project, developed with support from Jisc and technology supplier Barco, includes innovations such as mobile extending cameras, and provides the opportunity for enhanced remote-access education.​