Bamboo Technology Case Study


    As a leading provider of connectivity, data and cyber resilient IT solutions, Bamboo Technology has an ambitious mission – to share and develop business futures and people’s lives by realising the full potential of ICT.

    This goal will not be possible to achieve without a highly skilled dedicated workforce at the heart of the company. As a West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT) partner, Bamboo has access to industry apprenticeships, technical qualifications and professional training to fill skills gaps within the organisation and attract future talent.

    WEIoT supports Bamboo’s training and development needs by ensuring that its employees and apprentices have access to industry knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible service to customers and stakeholders.

    The company is strategically placed at Gloucestershire College’s (GC) Cheltenham campus, next door to GCHQ and the Golden Valley’s new cyber park – right at the heart of Gloucestershire’s growing cyber-tech ecosystem.

    GC benefitted from £3m WEIoT investment to create its state-of-the-art Advanced Digital Academy (ADA), a purpose-built training facility where future engineering, IT and cyber specialists like Benjamin Heathfield, Bamboo’s cyber degree apprentice, have been honing the cyber security skills the industry needs.

    Benjamin said:

    I started with Bamboo seven years ago as a Customer Experience Executive/Partner Service. When an apprenticeship opportunity came along at Bamboo through WEIoT, it was an excellent way for me to upskill at a higher level, achieve a degree qualification and boost my career potential. My cyber security Level 6 programme is delivered jointly by Gloucestershire College and the University of the West of England under the WEIoT umbrella. I have been enjoying the flexible nature of my apprenticeship, and a friendly, supportive and collaborative learning atmosphere at both education providers.

    Stuart Davis, CEO of Bamboo, said:

    Nowadays, more than ever, the demand for cybersecurity workforce keeps increasing. In order to meet this demand, the industry and academia should come together to design and deliver the skills provision required by employers. By partnering with the Institutes of Technologies we can develop our home-grown talent by encouraging our existing employees to advance their skills with the cyber courses and training facilities available, while providing reciprocal education opportunities to raise aspirations and inspire people of all ages about pathways into the industry.