Fill your skills gaps with untapped talent from West of England Institute of Technology!

28 February 2023

75% of UK businesses are facing a major gap between the skills of their current employees and the higher level of technical staff that they require. The West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT) is sourcing, training and growing new and untapped talent, who could be exactly what you need to fill the gaps in your organisation.  

The digitisation of many different processes is hugely beneficial to the future of the environment, and production levels. However, the Open University’s 2022 Business Barometer has predicted challenges will lie ahead for three-quarters of UK businesses, where the current workforce does not have the skills to operate and work alongside the digital take over.  

However, the solution to the problem lies just around the corner; currently, just 18% of organisations consult with educational institutions when assessing skill or staff requirements. By doing this, you’ll be able to discover new and fresh talent to develop the skills of your team. For employers looking to close their higher technical skills gap, there is a simple answer to accessing the knowledge and expertise of multiple education providers in your region: the West of England Institute of Technology. 

WEIoT brings together a combination of five further education colleges and universities, Weston College, UWE Bristol, Gloucestershire College, Yeovil College and Bath College, as well as leading employers in the region to offer incredible teaching opportunities in state-of-the-art training facilities. This will allow learners to develop the skills and knowledge that are highly sought after, and receive training that responds to the region’s skills gap.  

The new year is the perfect chance to reflect on the abilities of your current workforce, and focus on where needs an extra pair of hands to increase the overall skillset of your team to make your organisation, and your people, thrive. 

From support with your workforce or skills development, to recruitment, apprenticeships, and access to industry standard equipment, WEIoT can help. Click here to find out more information.