Introduction to Digital in Composites


This module is to introduce people to what a composite material is and what some of the key pillars of digital technologies are. The module will show how digital techniques can be practically applied to a composite manufacturing environment

*course may be subject to change.*


At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Define what a composite is
  • Name the 2 key parts of a composite
  • Name 3 different materials and manufacturing techniques
  • Explain the different between concurrent engineering, design intelligence and manufacturing intelligence
  • Name 3 ways in which the above can be applied.

Hours for module:10 hours
How will the module be taught: Blended
Delivery sessions plan: 2 hours self-paced online, can be done from point of registration onwards, must be done before the onsite session. 8 hour session at the NCC including both theory and practical sessions.
Audience for module: Would suit someone with an engineering or technical background looking to understand the process of implementing digital solutions in a composite environment. Suitable for advanced technicians, engineers and technical managers.
Course leader: Andy Sutton – Engineering Capability Lead for the technical training department at the NCC. 8 years’ experience in composites ranging across marine, naval, motorsport (including F1), aerospace and sporting goods.
Good to know: Parking and catering available for the onsite session.

Click here to download the module outline