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Data Skills Drive To Fuel Business Growth In The Digital Age

Recently, the West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT), took part in Business Insider South West’s ‘Data and Tech of Tomorrow’ event.   The event looked closely at the issues around the future impact of big data in our lives and businesses. The digital panel and audience debate, brought together a range of experts to discuss how we can best tackle data in the …

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Weston College launches UK’s first virtual classroom as part of WEIoT

Weston College has partnered with Jisc and Barco to build trailblazing ‘virtual classroom’ to support West of England Institute of Technology. Weston College, the lead organisation for the West of England Institute of Technology (IoT), has launched a virtual classroom in a first for further education (FE) in the UK. The project, developed with support from Jisc and technology supplier …

Apprenticeship Minister to launches West of England Institute of Technology

Gillian Keegan, Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, opened the West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT) on Thursday (8th October). The official WEIoT launch was a virtual event, which brought together all the education institutions and employers that have been involved bringing it to its fruition. In 2019 the first Institutes of Technology (IoT) were selected through a government-led competition …